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Number of taxi licences fall in 23 of 26 counties over the past 5 years

According to recent data, throughout the previous five years, the number of taxi licences in use has decreased in almost every county in the nation, reports RTE.

The overall number of licences is down 3.5% nationwide, with fewer licences in 23 of the 26 counties than in 2019.

According to the data, there were 26,360 taxis in operation in 2023, down 1,033 from 27,393 in 2019.

The border region has seen the biggest decline in taxi licence numbers, with a 17% drop over the course of the study, reports RTE.

The decline is considerably more pronounced in Monaghan, at 27%.

While there has been a notable decrease of more than 17% in the Midlands-East area, which does not include Dublin.

A little under 1% rise was seen in Dublin, an over 7% increase in Limerick, and a more than 3% increase in Kerry, reports RTE.

The numbers, which were provided in answer to a recent parliamentary question from Independent TD Carol Nolan, bolster assertions made by companies that there is a severe taxi shortage nationwide.

The Taxis for Ireland Coalition, which is composed of several businesses and groups that advocate for businesses, claims that the sharp decline in the number of taxis on the road poses issues for regular travellers, especially tourists, as well as the nation’s crucial hospitality sector, reports RTE.

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