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Opinion: Every single Irish person should be housed and given every priority before any migrant

The recession may be over, well at least that’s what we’re told – you can forget about people aged 35 to 65 who have massive mortgages and still in negative equity, but without a doubt the homeless crisis in this country is worse than ever and simply out of control.

This isn’t merely a piece about why multiculturalism doesn’t work and a “new Ireland” won’t fix any problem only create many, many more, this is about the systemic problem of homelessness and why every Irish person should be openly given priority to be housed over any migrant coming into this country.

Forget all the left wing politically correct nonsense that’s shoved down your throat on a daily basis from all the usual suspects. You’re told “oh we have to help our fellow man, we have to take these people in, they’re coming from war torn countries, the Irish went abroad and were taken in etc, etc”… blah, blah blah!

Let’s get one thing straight from the outset. The Irish that emigrated to England, America, Australia and beyond worked their backsides off, assimilated and, for the majority, contributed greatly to anywhere they went.

This is NOT the same. Europe is taking in migrants, some of whom have absolutely no background data with only God Himself knows what going through their minds about what they want to inflict on “infidels” living in the country that’s taking them in.

The Liberal has done numerous street vox pop videos, one of which we met a softly spoken homeless gentleman just before Christmas. (His video is attached at the end of this article). He spoke to us candidly about what it’s like to live on the streets, the dangers of the streets, the fact that the government simply don’t care about.

Why is that exactly? Why does Leo Varadkar, Simon Coveney and Simon Harris appear to not give two damns about this IRISH gentleman who was sleeping in the freezing cold at the top of Kildare St, a few hundred metres from where the Dail itself is?!

Is it because he’s Irish? Is it because he’s white? Is it because he’s a Christian?

Let’s call things as they – if he was a Syrian, dark skinned Muslim man and the left wing, politically correct media establishment got a whiff of such a scenario, there’d be uproar from the bleeding hearts who would have him housed any day of the week over an Irish woman and her children sleeping in a garda station.

We’ve all heard the stories of one particular Irish woman whose children slept rough in a garda station and she herself allegedly had a few drinks with friends quite recently. Well let me say it straight, I don’t care. It’s a separate issue, perhaps you could argue she needs to get her priorities straight or perhaps you could argue that maybe, just maybe, she needed a drink and becoming so fed up with the fact that she sees migrants coming into Ireland and greeted with open arms.

The bottom line is, the Irish person appears to be on the back foot for whatever reason, where it’s the fact that they’re Irish, white, Christian or anything else that doesn’t appeal to the politically correct bleeding hearts or society.

It’s time to stop. It’s time to tell the EU where to go with their demands and expectations and it’s time to set priority standards and to put Irish people first. Every single Irish person should be housed and given priority before any migrant.

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