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Opinion: If you’re a migrant fleeing a war-torn country you should be grateful to staff at Mosney never mind being angry with them

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There was absolute uproar in the beloved Mosney Holiday Camp over the last number of days. The beautiful holiday camp is now being used as a direct provision centre from migrants for some years now.

Forget about splashing about in the Funtropica, forget about rowing around the lake, playing the slot machines and driving around the go-karting race, the once fabulous holiday camp is now full of migrants who allegedly have “fled a war torn country” for a better life here in Ireland.

Thousands have poured into our Emerald Isle even though 10,000 Irish people are homeless on our streets, sleeping rough on park benches, shop doorways and hotel rooms.

Just this week, one young man was found dead sleeping rough on the streets in Cork.

Meanwhile, migrants were extremely angry at the conditions they’re living in and the treatment they’re receiving from staff at the beloved County Meath holiday camp.

They held a protest outside the entrance of Mosney holiday centre allegedly preventing staff from either entering or leaving the premises. Cars were unable to drive through the barrier entrance as migrants held a circular protest standing around and arguing with each other and staff.

Many, many social media users who have wonderful memories of going to Mosney with their family back in the day, feel like these migrants should be grateful for the welcome they’ve received by the hard working Irish staff working around the clock to facilitate and help them.

You can bet your eye teeth that the thousands of decent Irish people who, through likely no fault of their own and ended up on the streets around Ireland, would give anything to live the chalets in Mosney and appreciate the help that the magnificent staff in Mosney offer to these migrants on a 24 hour a day basis around the year.

Do gooders and left w(h)ingers will say that you can’t compare migrants to the homeless, well, why can’t you? Neither community have homes, both need help but for the love of God we should look after our own first, period.

It’s time Leo Varadkar, Simon Harris and Simon Coveney get this country’s priorities straight and help the homeless Irish community first.

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