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Opinion: Just as Hollywood pushed Clinton, Irish “celebrities” demand “ordinary simple Irish people” vote yes

Celebrities these days are growing increasingly self-unaware. The fact they are often multi-millionaires detached from the ordinary person makes them believe they somehow believe that have a moral superiority and intellect to general public.

Given the spectacular own goal scored by celebrities after they obediently parroted the establishment propaganda in the run up to Brexit and the election of Trump you would think they would steer clear of Ireland’s upcoming abortion referendum.

Alas our betters simply can’t help themselves. On the back of the Elite’s favourite aging rockers, U2, coming out in support of abortion on demand we now have a cadre of Irish celebrities quickly and compliantly lining up to tell the Irish people that their unborn children don’t deserve the constitutional right to life guaranteed by the Eight Amendment.

In a black and white video on YouTube Irish celebrities and wannabe celebrities tell the Irish people how backward their country is for valuing the life of both the mother and the unborn child.

Apt that this video like so much of the Repeal’s campaign is black and white, devoid of vibrancy and life one might say. Very fitting.

These celebrities allege the same tired, old debunked tropes pushed by abortionists and the apologists. “Pregnant women in Ireland have no rights to their own body” they do not have full access to health care.

They repeat these lies despite Ireland being one of the safest places in the world for pregnant women and leading doctors in Ireland stating emphatically that the Eight Amendment has never infringed on their ability to provide care for a pregnant woman’s health.

It’s simple to understand. The small but very loud minority who want abortion on demand have a cultural stranglehold these days and these celebrities know which way the wind blows.

We know why these glorified clowns whose sole job is to entertain are jumping on the abortion bandwagon.


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