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Opinion: Liam Cunningham, thanks but no thanks – we should look after our own people first


Veteran actor Liam Cunningham was interviewed on RTE’s Late Late Show on Friday night. A visibly shaken, angry and blatantly irate Cunningham demanded Ireland “take in its fair share” of undocumented migrants from Syria.

With his eyes blazing, Cunningham made a case that he wasn’t super rich and wasn’t speaking as an actor. He was munching his words and almost started shouting that Ireland hadn’t brought in enough undocumented workers.

Well here’s the thing, Liam, last month we had 212 people sleeping homeless around the capital. Men and women sleeping in doorways getting spat on, urinated on and jeered on by drunken louts making their way home. Their lives literally in their hands with one eye open and one closed throughout the day and night.

Yes, it’s horrific what’s happening in the Middle East, yes, genuine people need to be helped – but not by Ireland. There are SUPER rich countries neighbouring the conflict. Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, all muslim countries who understand and agree with these undocumented migrants culture and religion. These countries are enormously rich, Bentleys, Jaguars, Rolls Royces are as common as 1 cent piece. These are the countries not doing enough, not Ireland.

Much of the media in this country tries to talk up the fact we’re out of a recession, well that’s about as far from the truth as can be. Many, many people are finding it difficult to even put food on the table nevermind put their virtual hand in their pocket to help undocumented migrants.

Also, has anyone else noticed the disproportionate number of young, strong looking men compared to the frail, elderly, children and women?

In February 2016, ISIS swore blind that they would somehow smuggle their fighters into countries around Europe so as to be ready for a worldwide caliphate. What more warning do people need? A flag? A whistle? A bomb!

The bottom line here is, Liam Cunningham is completely out of touch. He’s living in cloud cookoo land drinking and chatting with his actor buddies both here and in America who see socialism as the answer to everything.

Well my answer is simple, I’m Irish, I’m proud to be Irish and I say thanks but no thanks to undocumented migrants who we know nothing about – let’s look after our own people first!

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