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Opinion: Micheal Martin is an observer, not a leader – he’s not one of the people and doesn’t get ‘it’

Micheal Martin is best known as being a major part of the government who destroyed Ireland in 2008.

The man who came across as literally doing anything to not be the only Fianna Fail leader to not become Taoiseach, Micheal Martin is a worse Taoiseach than anyone could even contemplate.

It takes some doing for Micheal Martin to actually make you look back at previous Taoisigh and say that they did a better job, but that’s what he’s managed to do.

He’s essentially a Taosieach that never was. Weakness, indecision, servility to the European Union and Joe Biden are the only words that can be associated with the current Taoiseach.

A complete and utter servant boy who appears interested in helping anybody else other than Ireland.

The real tragedy for Ireland is that there appears to be very little opposition that would do anything different.

Martin’s handling of the coronavirus disaster since he took over from Leo Varadkar has gone from bad to worse.

With a salary of €207,590 a year, Martin claims to be in touch with the average person and “gets it” that people are fed up with his government’s ridiculously draconian decisions to lock down the country, destroying the economy and people’s wellbeing and physical health.

Let’s be honest now, Martin hasn’t a clue. He’s waiting for his idols to lead the way so he can follow suit and pretend he actually has a clue what he’s doing. Many, many people believe he’s winging it on a daily basis, being dictated to by NPHET, again civil servants whose wages have only increased during the pandemic.

How on earth does Martin expect people to buy these harsh and strict lockdowns if their livelihoods are going through the floor directly as a result of his incompetence.

Micheal Martin will thankfully be gone out of office in 2022, we only have to suffer his incompetence, idiocy and servile attitude for literally only another a couple of months at worst.

His cap-in-hand mentality is precisely what Ireland doesn’t need. We need to accept that there is a virus out there but that there’s a very very high chance of (A) not getting it, and (B) getting over it if you do.

Through Martin’s approach of living in fear, the repercussions are destroying far more people than the virus ever will. He’s not fit for Office and the people of Ireland are beginning to rapidly realise it.

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