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OPINION: The govt is completely out of touch with the decent people of Ireland legitimately concerned over who’s moving in beside them

With the Ross Lake House hotel in Co Galway being partially destroyed by a fire on Saturday, the working assumption is that those who oppose the planting of migrants in their community were behind the incident.

The government were about to convert the disused hotel into yet another migrant plantation with 70 asylum seekers set to arrive at the hotel this Thursday, much to the dismay of the local community, who despite being overwhelming opposed to the plantation were ignored by the government and their own TDs.

Lets assume that the ignored and insulted community in Rosscahil and the wider Connemara area were behind the burning of the hotel, is it really a surprise to anyone that frightened people, disregarded by their elected representatives and government, insulted and belittled by the mainstream media and well aware of their kind of “cultural enrichment” these migrant plantations have brought to so many other towns up and down the country, would take matters into their own hands?

While the government, media and usual virtue signalling celebrities have jumped to attack the Irish people who oppose the demographic reshaping of their country, social media has shown that most Irish people, at the very least, tacitly support the burning of the unoccupied hotel before it could be used to house 70 illegal migrants who claim to be “asylum seekers”.

As mass migration and the ongoing influx of refugees and asylum seekers compounds the unprecedented housing crisis in the country, coupled with the criminality, anti-social behaviour and entitled attitude seen from those claiming asylum here the patience of the Irish people is at an end.

Irish mothers and fathers are watching their children face a future where they will never own their own home or have the opportunity to raise a family, many are emigrating while our government is martialling a Herculean effort to accommodate migrants, an effort never even considered to help indigenous Irish people.

This massive demographic change that has been imposed on Ireland against the democratic will of the Irish people will be a fundamental change in the character and culture of Ireland forever and clearly this is the goal.

This is the destruction of “national homogeneity” as the late Peter Sutherland described it when calling on the EU to use mass migration to breakdown the national identities of its member states to make them more acquiescent to a supranational state.

The remarks of Peter Sutherland, then UN migration chief, having formerly been an EU Commissioner from Ireland, who was also a non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International and a former chairman of oil giant BP, were reported on by the BBC on June 21st 2012.

Note that in April of this year the European Union parliament voted to adopt a new flagship migration package for the bloc that would see vassal states obliged to accept illegal migrants who have entered the continent. This was supported by all Irish MEPs.

It is not incompetence, it is not some misplaced, deranged form of self-destructive altruism, it is a plan. No matter how unpopular the policy of mass migration is, regardless of the pressures on housing, services and social cohesion, the population replacement must continue until Ireland is a multi-culti ghetto from Malin to Mizen.

This is the frank and honest reality of what is happening. The reality of the globalist agenda.

Within a generation, the indigenous Irish will find themselves a hated and shrinking minority in the land where their forebears struggled for centuries to survive under foreign oppression.

The tragic irony of this, is that the final nail in the coffin of the Irish nation will driven by a supposedly “Irish” government, who are ultimately globalist puppets, and best of all, it will be paid for by the taxes of the Irish people.

However, as awareness of this agenda grows, resistance continues to grow concordantly, as John F. Kennedy once said “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable”.

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