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OPINION: Why we must emphatically vote NO NO on March 8th

There is growing awareness of the potential loosening of Ireland’s already astoundingly lax immigration controls should the government succeed in getting a yes vote in the upcoming referendum to amend Article 41 of the Constitution to provide for a wider concept of family.

Ireland’s former Attorney General, Senator Michael McDowell, who also previously served as Tánaiste and Minister for Justice has said he “rejects completely” the idea that the amendment to the constitution, should it be passed, will not be used by economic migrants seeking broad “family reunification” when questioned by Ben Scanlan for Gript.

Speculation has soared regarding the upcoming referendums on March 8th set to alter the definition of the family unit and reference to the role of mothers has peaked after Minister Roderick O’Gorman’s Department of Children refused to release the minutes of interdepartmental group meetings which considered the proposed amendments to the constitution in 2023.

The Freedom of Information request was sought by Senator Michael McDowell and denied by O’Gorman’s Department as it would not be “in the public interest” they claim.

It is feared that Ireland’s ideologically “woke” government will use the amendments to further the interests of the transgender agenda and ramp up the demographic replacement of the Irish people by further expanding “family reunification” for economic migrants.

This is ultimately, what these referenda are designed to bring about. The war on the Irish nation begins with the family and so we see the same tactics being played out across the Western World to undermine the nation state through mass migration and the foundation of the state, the family through the promotion of degeneracy and gender ideology.

To protect our families, our nation and our children’s future we must rebuke these warped and evil powers seeking to destroy them and Vote NO NO on March 8th.

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