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Success for The Reform Alliance


The Reform Alliance’s Conference was nothing short of a resounding success. A packed RDS was left feeling thirsty for a new political force to enter the political arena and shake things up a little.

Lucinda Creighton lead the alliance with a march of both opinions and questions and the attendees reciprocated her call. There were many topics covered, from health to political reform, rates to PRSI, and possibly most importantly – political integrity.

When David McWilliams finished his usual jovial palaver, he opened the floor to questions. Many individuals immediately threw up their hand in a bid to show, share and comment on the ideas being tossed around the room.

A feeling of rage and contempt for the current Government was evident and on several occasions was reiterated by each successive speaker. The predominant force in the room was of a private sector background, sick of picking up the slack and wreaking no rewards. The go-getters of society are ready to go-get, but the enormous red tape that surrounds them is tying their ambitions to the ground.

The ordinary, hard-working private sector individual has become a slave to the begrudgery of left wing parasite. The feel for change is rife, and the appetite for a new right wing political party, that holds integrity at the core, is hungrier than ever.

The Reform Alliance comprises of five rebel Fine Gael TDs – former European Affairs Minister Lucinda Creighton, Billy Timmins, Peter Mathews, Denis Naughten, Terence Flanagan, and senators Fidelma Healy Eames and Paul Bradford.

The seven all voted against the FG whip on the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill last year, and when Lucinda Creighton mentioned this in passing, it almost brought the beautiful ceiling to the floor. A rapturous standing ovation that must have been heard in Paddy Cullen’s pub surprised no one. These seven people stood up for what the believed in, against their own party leader and against political career opportunities. They can stand up with their heads held high knowing the fact that they made the right decision and won’t go down in Irish history as part of a government who brought abortion into Ireland.

For that example alone of integrity – they must all be lauded and proudly supports that type of politician.


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