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Outrage as nurses reduced to tears in A&E in Drogheda


The Lourdes hospital in Drogheda again this week had the most number of people on stretchers and waiting to be seen.

Up to 60 patients were waiting in the accident and emergency department in the hospital on Monday and Thursday night.

Three staff nurses actually started to cry and had to leave the unit to compose themselves. One patient said “the nurses were exhausted and really couldn’t cope. It wasn’t their fault, there was just too many people for the number of staff to deal with”.

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3 Comments on Outrage as nurses reduced to tears in A&E in Drogheda

  1. So sorry to hear the nurses were brought to tears in the Lourdes due to overcrowding.I was a patient in the accident and emergency unit two months ago and I seen how it is so busy. The staff are at there wits end trying to look after patients. I was on a trolley for three days and although I was looked after, there were times when I wished I was at home as I did not get the proper attention required. The staff are so busy they forget about you. When I asked for a drink of water or a painkiller you did not get them as they did not return to you. The professionals are not getting the credit they deserve due to cutbacks. They are clearly understaffed and there main objective is to get people out as quick as they can which is not always the answer. There is an accident and emergency in Navan which could be used and take the burden off Drogheda. The accident and emergency was newly built to serve the people of the north east and is clearly not functioning properly. It is about time something is done so these professionals can do there job in a proper manner.

  2. I was in this hospital Tuesday with my 7 year old the staff are wonderful here we were seen to quick and had to return Friday for the fracture clinic again seen to by lovely staff quickly

  3. No surprise. When I worked there for a bit there was some visit by a HSE top-dog, so they discharged anyone they could, got in extra cleaners that night and made it all look fine. And spent money for flowers for the reception.
    Is it any wonder that the people in charge can’t manage them if they can’t see what’s actually going on?

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