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Possibility of “blue flu” as Minister for Justice asked to intervene in dispute with Garda Commissioner over lists

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The Garda Sergeants and Inspectors Association has asked the Minister of Justice to intervene in the dispute with the Garda Commissioner on the issue of lists.

About 200 association members from across the country marched to Garda headquarters and handed over a letter asking Drew Harris to return to negotiations, reports RTE.

The commissioner referred the matter to the Labor Relations Commission, a move that AGSI defines as “premature”, reports RTE.

The AGSI also announced that there would be a second protest in the coming weeks and that further industrial action would be discussed at its annual conference next month.

He hasn’t ruled out the possibility of another so-called “blue flu,” reports RTE.

Secretary-General Antoninnette Cunninghan said it was “funny” that the commissioner dismissed it last week because she said the issue of industrial action and the form it might take is a matter of joining them, reports RTE.

The AGSI said it was seriously concerned about the health and welfare of its members and accused Commissioner Harris of trying to enforce a no-deal list.

Middle-ranking Gardaí say their work arrangements have left them frustrated, stressed and angry.

However, Commissioner Harris says he has worked hard over the past three and a half years to find an internal solution and as this has not been possible, he has referred the matter to the WRC for resolution and closure.

They delivered a letter to Garda HQ asking Mr Harris to re-engage locally.

The commissioner ruled out the possibility of a so-called ‘blue flu’ in which the Gardaí take sick leave to protest the quotations, but the AGSI today rejected this claim, saying the nature of any industrial action is a problem for its members, reports RTE.

The association also stated that the Minister of Justice has also adhered to the litigation procedures and has asked for the intervention of Simon Harris.

A statement from the Department of Justice said the “minister encourages continued engagement on this matter in order to find a solution which ensures that whatever roster is in place serves the public, especially the most vulnerable in society, and supports the health and well-being of members of An Garda Síochána,” reports RTE.

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