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Prince Andrew’s lawyers deny he’s purposely evading an investigation after Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest

Lawyers for Prince Andrew have vehemently denied that he is purposely evading a large scale investigation from happening after the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell last week.

Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested over her connections with Epstein. Prince Andrew said that he met with her in 2019 while she was in London. No further details of that meeting are known.

Earlier, Prince Andrew refused three formal requests from a US lawyer representing victims of Jeffery Epstein to be interviewed under oath about this relationship with the paedophile billionaire and human trafficker.

Epstein, who was set to stand trial in relation to child sexual exploitation, in case that would have seen elite in politics, entertainment, business and royalty brought into scandalous focus supposedly managed to hang himself in his maximum security prison cell in Manhattan last August.

His long-time friend and associate Prince Andrew has also been accused by victims of Epstein of having been involved in their rape and abuse.

Lawyer, David Boies, who represents over a dozen of Epstein’s victims has said:

“We’ve made at least three formal written attempts sent to his address in London and also to his lawyers in the past few months.”

One of Mr Boies’ victims is Virginia Roberts, the woman who claims Epstein forced her to have sex with the Prince on three occasions including at the so-called “Paedophile Island” Epstein’s private Caribbean islet of Little St. James.

On the island was a building designed like a temple where victims would allegedly be abused by the elite clientele of Epstein.

Many of those who visited Epstein’s paedophile island and flew on his ‘Lolita Express’, named after a novel detailing the love affair between a man and his underage step-daughter, are household names such as Hollywood stars, business and corporate tycoons and political giants such as Bill Clinton.

So far they have closed ranks in the aftermath of Epstein’s arrest and death in refusing to speak about their time on the island and their acquaintance with the paedophile, while US prosecutor Geoffrey Berman, who heads the ongoing criminal probe into Epstein and his associates, has said that Prince Andrew has offered the FBI “zero cooperation”.

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