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Rags To Riches: Colorado homeless man wins $500,000 on a scratchcard

A homeless man in the state of Colorado has become $500,000 richer recently after he won the pretty some on lottery scratch card.

The man named Michael Engfors who has been homeless for the past six years scooped the jackpot after buying the ticket at a local store in Aspen. Mr Engfors luck changed drastically six years when he lost his home and business which left him on the streets where he turned to alcohol, however his luck changed for the better this past week when he bought the scratch card and won the top prize.

The news Michael’s win was welcomed Jeremy Kowalis of the Aspen Homeless Shelter, who said: “It’s such a great story, and it’s really inspired so many people, because out of all of the people, especially in Aspen, Colorado, that could win half-a-million dollars, it couldn’t happen to a better type of person, than somebody who actually uses the homeless shelter, that’s for sure.” “I don’t think he normally spends $10 a day on a lottery ticket. But he did that day, and it sure paid off.”

Meanwhile Michael spoke of his delight winning the jackpot saying he couldn’t “believe it”, “I am absolutely over the moon”, Michael further explained that he planned on reconciling with his daughter who he hasn’t spoken too in 20 years, he also said he planned on spending his money on a new home and also plans to help those less fortunate.

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