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Remake of an 80s classic! Should we be afraid of the new Ghostbusters movie?


The Ghostbusters are back to spook and thrill us once more, but as the dust settles on the news that the ‘busting’ will be done by a female cast, the focus is now on what to expect from the film.They ain’t afraid of no ghost but fans are afraid that the reboot, named ‘Ghostbusters’ will prove to be a disappointment.
The film will be released in 2016 and the news about it has left some spooked! 80s movies Ghostbusters (1984) and Ghostbusters II (1989) are constantly being watched by fans and it is hoped that the spirit of the new film will remain true to the originals.

 Bill Murray, Dan Akyroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson memorably played the four ghostbusters. Nobody had any idea just how popular the films would be. Chevy Chase is said to have turned down a role in the film, while Eddie Murphy is rumoured to have been one of the original choices to star. Rick Moranis and Sigourney Weaver also starred in them.
Over the years the hopes for Ghostbusters III has emerged like a ghoul, to tease people but it never happened. Bill Murray has often voiced his reluctance to make another. The death of Harold Ramis last year seemed to be the final nail in the coffin to the third one ever being made.
The female Ghostbusters in the reboot are to be played by Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. It is believed that the film is set after the first movies and that some of the new members may be the daughters of the original ghostbusters.
Bill Murray is returning for the film but the nature of his role is not clear. He previously stated he would only return to the role if he could play a ghost! Dan Ackroyd is rumoured to be back for a cameo but there has been no word about Ernie Hudson having any involvement.
There has also been plenty of discussion about the casting of Thor star Chris Hemsworth, who has joined the film as the secretary for the Ghostbusters, complete with glasses and a look far removed from his normal one. Andy Garcia is also aboard as the New York City Mayor. It is believed that the film will involve Manhattan being invaded by ghosts.
“My heart soars for Melissa, Kristen, Kate, Leslie and Paul (Feig) who are about to have the time of their lives,” said Dan Ackroyd on Twitter. Paul Feig is the director of the new film. There has also been much discussion about the news that there could be another Ghostbusters spin off on the way led by Channing Tatum. We only hope that if this is true it won’t be a grave error, ahem!!

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