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Reporting restrictions get imposed on Prince Harry case

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The judge overseeing the Duke of Sussex’s dispute with Associated Newspapers Ltd (ANL) has ordered a temporary halt on reporting the names of journalists linked to the allegations against the publisher.

King Charles’ youngest son Harry has filed a lawsuit against the Associated Newspapers (ANL), along with John – one of the best-selling artists of all time – his husband David Furnish and actors Elizabeth Hurley and Sadie Frost, reports RTE.

The prince, who had flown in from his California home, sat a few feet away from a large group of reporters, watching intently and taking occasional notes.

His spokesman said he wanted to be there to show his support for him and that he could attend the four-day preliminary hearing.

Harry’s lawyers say in court records that he was “deprived of important aspects of his teenage years” by the “unlawful actions” of Associated Newspapers and the Duke says he is filled with “suspicion and paranoia” following the publication of the articles containing the information., reports RTE.

Elton John and Furnish arrived during their lunch break, while Frost was also in court on Monday. None of the appellants are required to speak at the hearing.

They claim they were victims of “numerous unlawful acts” perpetrated by ANL headlines from the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday, their lawyers said in excerpts from submissions submitted to the court.

A group of high-profile individuals announced in October that they were filing misuse of personal information claims against the ANL.

On Monday, Judge Nicklin allowed the ANL to impose a complaints ban as the publisher seeks to dismiss claims by Prince Harry and others without trial.

The judge noted that “not usual for the court to impose reporting restrictions at such an early stage of proceedings” but concluded in this instance it was “in the interests of fairness and the administration of justice”, reports RTE.

The court heard that the ANL has not yet launched a formal defense in the cases and has not yet received a full response to any “adverse comments” that may have been made about journalists.

Justice Nicklin said it would not be in the public interest “for one side of a series of allegations to be put when one side is absent”, reports RTE.

An ANL spokesman also said the allegations were “unsubstantiated and highly defamatory claims, based on no credible evidence”, reports RTE.

Prince Harry is believed to have returned to Britain for the first time since Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in September.

His surprise return comes nearly three months after he exposed his troubled relationship with his father, King Charles III and his brother, the Prince of Wales, in his controversial autobiography Spare.

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