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Residents in Ardee, County Louth are gathering to fight back against migrants being planted in their area

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People in Ardee, County Louth are gathering and having meetings over tonight and tomorrow after rumours mount that the town has already seen 25 male migrants being placed in the area with more to arrive in the coming days and weeks.

The good people of Ardee, County Louth, are the latest patriots to stand up for their town, its services and amenities in a fight with the government against planting migrants in their area.

The Liberal has learned that a large number of residents in the town have gathered together after concerns were raised in recent days.

Since last Thursday, residents said they saw “at least 25 male migrants” walking around the town with suitcases.

Rumours quickly gathered serious momentum with the entire town talking and residents hearing that a number of male migrants had moved into an unused convent near the centre of the town.

Nuns were living in the convent right up until Christmas 2023 where they were moved out of after a celebratory Mass.

Officials for the building along with local county councillors insist that migrants have not yet been moved in, however, that hasn’t stopped residents being genuinely concerned with one telling The Liberal:
“The same councillor lied about everything in the past, he’s a well-known liar around here, so it’s no surprise people are questioning this situation”.

The organiser of the Ardee group fighting back against unvetted migrants told The Liberal:
“We’ve seen Fermoy, Roscrea, Carlow and Kilkenny. We’re ready to protest, sit out at night and do whatever it takes to defend our services and amenities and our residents. We can’t get a doctor as it is, we can’t take any more of these people into our little town and we’ll make our voices heard.”

The Liberal will monitor the situation as the days go on.

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