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Rural Independent TDs say they will not support “a brain-dead government bereft of ideas or purpose”

A government with ‘no plan’ and ‘no ideas’ to help the public cope with the current cost-of-living crisis is deserving of no support, according to the Rural Independent Group of TDs, who today confirmed they will vote for next week’s Dail vote of no-confidence in the government.

Speaking from his Tipperary constituency, the leader of the Group, Deputy Mattie Mc, Grath stated:

“The problem with this Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and the Green Party government is that they think their job is to hold the people accountable to the government rather than the government accountable to the people.”

“We are, at present, seeing the brain death of the current Irish government. The cause of this malaise is pure arrogance and greed for power and personal privileges.”

“In the last two years, this government has single-handedly set records for all the wrong reasons. Today these records include the highest hospital waiting lists, carbon taxes, national debt, energy taxes, social housing waiting lists and homelessness this country has ever experienced. Seemingly coincidental, this government also holds the record for the highest number of highly paid ministerial advisors for any previous Irish administration.”

“Together with unprecedented housing and health emergencies, we are simultaneously living through a once-in-a-generation energy and inflationary crisis, and a lack of government action means we are ill-prepared for each of them, respectively.”

“Each crisis area requires radical changes to the way we operate our nation, as all these emergencies pose enormous challenges to each community, sector and person.”

“Every single tabled recommendation or suggestion from the Rural Independent Group, which include, for example, slashing all energy taxes, tackling waiting lists, supporting rural motorists, residents, farmers, fishermen, and completely axing the carbon tax, have all been completely ignored by the government. This signals that the current administration is not only bereft of their own ideas, but that they are unwilling to accept solution-driven ideas from the opposition.”

“Given the abysmal performance of this government, how could any TD feel good enough, or be brain-washed enough, about this government to vote confidence in it next week? In fact, feeling good about this government is like looking on the bright side of a catastrophe, but when you quit looking at things optimistically, the catastrophe is still there,” concluded Deputy Mc Grath.

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