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Saving the world: European Parliament to ban single-use plastics by 2021


The European Union have voted overwhelmingly in favour to ban single-use plastics across the entire continent by 2021.

In a move that will aim to cut down on pollution all 28 member states of the European Commission voted to hault the use of single-use plastics from 2021 onwards.

Under the proposed new ban the use of plastic straws, cotton buds and cutlery will be prohibited.

It is understood the vote which was held in Strasbourg was passed by 571 to 53.

The EU say the ban which will also look to eliminate plastic containers at fast food outlets was implemented in order to cut out plastics pollution which accounts for a staggering 70% of waste in the world’s oceans.

It is also believed that the EU are looking at to cut out plastic bottles by introducing a system were they are collected and recycled properly.

However the ban will have to address other issues such as coming up with alternatives for items that currently have no known alternatives.

The EU say they plan to tackle the issue by committing to explore alternatives that will eventually cut out the use of non-alternative plastics by 25%.

It is expected the latest move will be welcomed by environmentalists and animal rights groups across the globe as pollution has become an ever growing threat to marine wildlife.

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