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School trip gets cancelled following mother’s row with teacher about buddy system

Most children see the annual school trip as one of the highlights of the year, but one child has broken down in tears over an impending visit to a water park.

The little girl has been looking forward to the trip for the past few months, but sadly she was left devastated after being forced to buddy up another classmate she is not friends with, reports The Mirror.

Bryn, the little girl in question, was partnered Ben for the ride, which meant the two had to ride the bus together, have lunch together, and take part in water park rides, despite the fact that no other children were partnered with the ‘each other.

The mother claimed that the teacher made her daughter “believe she was a bad person for not wanting to” spend the day with the boy.

However, the mother claimed that her teacher is to blame, as she has used her “soft-spoken, intelligent older daughter as a behaviour buffer for the naughty boys”, reports The Mirror.

In a Reddit post, the unnamed mother said: “It’s clear to me that Ms N is still too comfortable with enforcing archaic gender roles on her kids and forcing girls to do unpaid emotional labour for the sake of the boys,” reports The Mirror.

The mother said she emailed the teacher to complain, to no avail, as the teacher insisted that she had to cooperate with Ben if she wanted to make the trip.

The mother said she took her child off the trip and subsequently booked her VIP tickets to the park the same day she attended school.

Upon learning of the situation, the mother said that several other parents had also withdrawn their children from the event and that the school is now unable to continue the trip at the same cost.

The mum continued in her post: “I told her she should have thought about that before she tried to make my daughter do her job. My husband said I was being a bit petty and that Ms N clearly feels bad about what she did, and I should let Bryn go as I’ve already gotten my way. He asked me if I really wanted to deprive children of what they’d been waiting for all year,” reports The Mirror.

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