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Senior garda settles his High Court case over suspension from his job

A senior guardian who filed a lawsuit in high court to contest his suspension against the Attorney General, the Minister of Justice, and the Garda Commissioner has reached a settlement, reports RTE.

Chief Superintendent Patrick Diskin was placed on administrative leave for a number of years after it was alleged that, between 2015 and 2018, he used improper language and conduct at work.

The Chief Superintendent vehemently denied any misconduct and urgently requested a High Court injunction since he would soon be leaving An Garda Síochána.

The executive desired the lifting of his suspension prior to his departure from the company, reports RTE.

Ercus Stewart, the attorney for Chief Superintendent Diskin, informed the judge that the issue had been “amicably resolved” after conversations outside of court, even though it was scheduled to be heard today.

The settlement agreement between the Commissioner, the Attorney General, and the Minister of Justice remained undisclosed, reports RTE.

Clients wished to “wish Chief Superintendent Diskin well” on his upcoming retirement, according to Senior Counsel Conor Power.

Mr. Justice Mark Sanfey expressed his gratitude for the settlement and complimented the legal counsel on both parties for mediating the conflict, reports RTE.

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