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Seven teens appear in children’s court today in relation to Jobstown protest

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Six teenagers appeared before the Children’s court this morning charged in connection with the Jobstown protest in Tallaght last year.

A seventh accused, an 18-year-old, did not appear because of illness.

One 16-year-old is accused of false imprisoning both Joan Burton and Karen O’Connell in their car during the peaceful protest while the other six who are aged 14 to 18 are charged with criminal damage and/or violent disorder during the protest.

One child pleaded guilty and apologised for his actions.

The seven teenagers are the first group to face charges in connection with the protest at Fortunestown Road, Jobstown in Tallaght on 15 November last year, while the adult courts will be held early next week.

The Tánaiste and her political adviser had been attending a graduation ceremony at An Cósan and were detained in a car for two hours when local residents held a peaceful sit down protest around the vehicle.

The court heard they arrived at around midday but that a group of protesters encroached on them and Gardaí as they were going from An Cósan to St Thomas’s Church about 100m away.

It was during this protest that Gardaí displayed immense aggression towards protesters, including Paul Murphy TD who will appear in court along with other protesters on the 2nd of November.

One 16-year-old boy pleaded guilty to violent disorder and criminal damage after he used threatening and abusive language and threw eggs. The judge adjourned his sentencing for a probation report.

Another 16-year-old is facing two counts of false imprisonment which can carry a life sentence.

His case was adjourned until December as were the cases of the other teenagers accused of violent disorder and criminal damage.


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