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Shocking: Mother of three under investigation after giving her son a bleach enema to cure his autism 

Photo: Mercury

Police in the UK have begun an investigation after a concerned member of the public reported a mother-of-three for neglect after she discovered that the woman had been using bleach enemas to ‘cure’ her son’s autism.

The investigation comes after the concerned woman named Emma Dalmayne who is an autism campaigner from London, uncovered the shocking abuse when she came across a Facebook group for parents that claims to offer an alternative treatment for autism.

The page which has thousands of followers has caused great concern for many autism campaigners after it claimed the condition is caused by parasites that live in a child’s body.

The popular page also claims that parents can treat their child by using pills or enemas laced with bleach that will kill the so called deadly bacteria.

Although the so called treatment is strictly legal the Facebook page has been slammed by campaigners as it charges £60 for membership to uninformed parents who believe the treatment works with many sharing images of the so called bacteria leaving their child’s bodies.

Photo: Mercury

However, Emma who is also autistic herself revealed that what parents see is not completely​ true as the deadly treatment process causes serious damage to a child rather than flush their system.

A concerned Emma told that the treatment being administered called CD (Chloride Dioxide) or MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution), is not in fact killing the bacteria but instead tearing the bowel lining of those who are administered the bleach treatment.

Speaking to the paper, Emma who is calling for the treatment which can be purchased online to be banned, said: “No parents will admit to doing this to their children publicly. This treatment is not illegal at the moment but we need to get rid of it.”

“The most extreme case I have seen to date is a six-year-old boy who had to have his bowel removed and a colostomy bag fitted after his parents gave him these enemas.”

“What you see in these images is the bowel lining of these victims.”

Meanwhile the Food Standards Authority (FSA) and Medical and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the UK have urged misinformed parents not to use the treatment as it is highly dangerous, with both agencies reporting the known side effects which include nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, reduced blood pressure.

The hazardous treatment can even cause serious damage to the stomach lining and even respiratory failure.

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