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Sinn Fein under pressure


There is growing pressure on Sinn Fein to come clean on allegations of sexual abuse scandals.

The party leaders are under intense scrutiny on the wake of the Mairia Cahill revelations broadcast on the BBC Spotlight program.

Ms. Cahill spoke of sexual abuse and forced interrogation by IRA members, which she claimed was more intent of safeguarding its reputation than bringing the perpetrator to justice.

Such revelations have shocked the nation.

In a direct tweet from Mary Lou McDonald to Ms. Cahill, Ms. McDonald asked for contact details so she could ‘get in touch.’

But Ms. Cahill refused, stating that she would not like to be contacted until Sink Fein were willing to speak the truth after the alleged ‘cover-up’ of such scandals.

Ms. McDonald later referred to the cover-up allegations as a ‘slur.’

Micheal Martin of Fianna Fail joined the fray by stating that Ms. McDonald and other younger members of the party have a responsibility to ‘deal proactively with the issue.’





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