Snapshot! Taoiseach department's expenditure on photography is almost €100,000 since 2011

Snapshot! Taoiseach department’s expenditure on photography is almost €100,000 since 2011


The Taoiseach is a public figure, there’s no denying that (although as Brian Cowen proved, ‘public’ is a matter for interpretation).

Hence, a certain level of expenditure in photographic goodies and mementos is to be expected.

The department of the current Taoiseach, however, seems to have gone all out to portray Mr. Kenny shaking world dignitaries hands from every possible angle, no expenses spared.

Overall, nearly €100,000 have been spent on making the boss look good since 2011, and official records show that the Government as a whole has forked out €434,000 on nice photo mementos to use as Coalition keepsakes.

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