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Gay marriage – a fair debate?


In Irish society, the word “debate” has been badly tarnished.  We’re having a debate, we’re told, about the issues of the day, but that’s not really the case.  Political correctness has taken a vice-like grip on what used to be known as “opinions”.  People were allowed to express “opinions” without being judged, chastised or being subjected to insults.  

This never becomes so evident as with the debate on gay marriage.  For an issue of huge importance to Irish society, we need a calm and reasonable debate more than ever.  Instead, things have descended into an out-of-control tailspin and no-one seems to be able to shout stop.  

We need calm but what do we get instead? Calls for a watchdog body keeping an eye out just in case anyone might express an opinion contrary to the acceptable views.  Condemnation of some insults while others are subtly ignored or even heralded and repeated.  Accusations taking the place of reasonable debate.  So much for those plans of a mature society.  

Any national debate must be civilised.  We can do without the insults and death threats, thanks. Everyone is entitled to have and express their view and opinion on the subject of gay marriage, without being patronised or branded a homophobe should their opinion not lot nicely into a politically correct environment.  

I’m opposed to gay marriage. I think the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman should remain intact. I am not telling anyone how to live, but I’m telling them how I want to live, and I want to live in a society that embraces the true significance and meaning of marriage between a man and a woman.  Marriage between a man and woman should be protected by the State because of the stable environment it creates for children. 

That’s my opinion and I’m fully entitled to hold that position without being cast a homophobe. I don’t hate gay people. I don’t dislike them; I don’t have any grievance to bear with them whatsoever. I’ve got plenty of gay friends. They know my feelings on the subject and we frequently have a pleasant banter exchange. My gay friends don’t feel intimidated by the opinions I express, nor do they feel threatened enough to shout homophobe – they’re mature, decent individuals who respect me as another person who houses thoughts in their head.

Gay people must be fully accommodated with their life-partners, but Civil Partnership covers everything that’s needed. Gay marriage is just making a farce out of the true meaning of a marriage and I will vehemently oppose it on polling day.

Dignity, calmness and respect are all needed when opinions are strong, but they’re so easily forgotten in times of debate. Please remember your opposition feels as strongly on the subject as you do. You may agree with me, you may not – I accept all opinions with grace and respectfully wish you to do the same.

Updated by James Brennan 12/09/2014

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11 Comments on Gay marriage – a fair debate?

  1. an interesting, thought provoking & relevant article. It is important to democracy that this issue be debated, fairly, respectfully & openly.
    However in Irish society today, that now seems to have become impossible. Anyone with the slightest doubts or questions, about same sex marriage is dismissed as a ‘homophobe’.

    • What are your doubts or questions?
      If you dont ask and just oppose the idea of gay marriage then of course you can be labeled a person who discriminates.

    • The mere idea that same sex couples’ rights to be lawfully married should be discussed suggests that we, the heterosexuals (I am straight) somehow need to think and ponder over whether ‘they’ are worthy of such a union. The suggestion that this union, set up to legally bind and also enable two people, should, perhaps, be held exclusively for straight couples goes against the central meaning of equality. Why do we feel like we have some sort of right, boycotting equality, to make this decision?

  2. Its not really a debate at all.

    We’re debating equality. Equality is not up for debate. At the very premise of the word.
    Why cant members of the LGBT community share the same rights as the rest of us?
    To say that it will enhance an unstable environment for children is such an archaic idea.

    You’re not providing equal opportunity for people at all. You’re treating others as second class citizens. Which they are not.
    People being treated equally not defined by religious ideals.

    • Religious ideals? Where’s the religion in this debate? As in the abortion debate it’s the people that are looking for change that keep bringing up religion.
      It strikes me that those who’re shouting about “equality” aren’t really interested in equality. Very few of them even know what equality is or how it would be applied in a debate like this. They’re even more confused about what marriage is and what it’s for.
      They are, however, motivated by an irrational fear and hatred of religion. Let’s call it christophobia.

      • Equality… You’re simply disallowing people to participate in marriage due to their orientation.
        That is inequality.

        • No, again you’re wrong. No one is disallowed from participating in marriage. But again, I ask my question. Point to where peopel are being treated according to religious ideals and what exactly you mean by equality.

          • On what do you base your definition of marriage on? If you say traditional views? The traditional family is a product of as Kelloggs marketing campaign. There has been no such thing as a traditional family since the idea of one was created in the 1950s.

            So excluding the obviously incorrect idea of traditional. From what do you exactly base your definition of marriage on?

            You require an explanation for equality? Its self explanatory. Any rights or privileges which I am lawfully entitled to have should be shared by every class, color, creed or orientation. Marriage being one of them.

            As Daniel Patrick Moynahan would say Liam, you’re entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.
            The fact is LGBT community cannot partake in marriage like heterosexual couples. That means the heterosexual community have an extra privelege / right. Equality is about equality.

          • Was their ever a traditional marital view? Because all I can see from the post above from Liam is gay bashing. Everyone deserves the right to get married. Its inequality to disallow it.

            Its all about catholic Ireland. People think the Church doesn’t still run our country but it does.

            The reason Gay people want to marry is for a few different reasons but one being if something happens to one of them and the house is in the deceased name then the family of the deceased can come in and take it and the partner has no legal stating. Its immoral and wrong on so many different levels.

            The question I’d love to know about who apposes it what difference does it make for you? How would it effect you (and saying looking at them isn’t a viable answer its bashing)?

  3. Christianity was imposed on European peoples by the elites of the day in a top-down manner. And a thinking person can observe that “gay” “marriage” – like “multiculturalism” – is being imposed on us in a top-down manner by the elites of our day.
    It’s part of the international Frankfurt-School-flavoured behind-the-scenes subversion of Western norms.

  4. Not on this website it isn’t. Your coverage of LGBT issues has been completely biased. It’s ironisc you claim a bias in the media when not offering any voice for those who want LGBT equality.

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