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Swedish cities rocked by night of organised violence by “gangs of youths”

Image source: SKY

A number of Swedish cities have been rocked by violence overnight and up to 100 cars have been destroyed after masked youths launched co-ordinated attacks around 9PM Swedish time on Monday night, the BBC reported.

The worst violence took place in the Western city of Gothenburg, but incidents of fire bomb attacks direct at property and vehicles were reported in several other cities including Stockholm and Malmo.

Police believe that the attacks were co-ordinated via social media by gangs of young people and the organization of this gang violence has been described as something akin to a “military operation” by the bewildered Swedish Prime Minister, the UK Daily Mail reports.

Sweden has seen a sharp uptick in organised crime, anti-social behaviour and violence, particularly of a sexual nature, in recent years which some attribute to the government’s decision to open the small country’s borders to hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern and African migrants.

The Swedish police have reported over 60 “especially vulnerable” areas, more commonly known as “no-go-zones” in the cities of cities of Boras, Gothenburg, Landskrona, Malmö, Uppsala and Stockholm where it authorities find it difficult to enforce the law and provide emergency services, RT reported in June 2017.

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