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Taoiseach demands apology from Noel Grealish TD for calling economic migrants spongers

The Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has demanded that gutsy TD Noel Grealish apologises for his remarks about economic migrants aimed for Galway in untold numbers.

Speaking today on Morning Ireland, Varadkar said: “If that is what he said, I think he should withdraw those remarks. At the very least make a statement on them and clarify them.”

The reason why Varadkar is out of sorts is because Grealish had the bottle to say what so many around the country and saying privately, bar the lunatic left.

Speaking in regard to the government’s determination to establish another migrant plantation in Connemara the TD said that the asylum seekers who would be housed at the Connemara Hotel would be African economic migrants not Syrian refugees.

With the war in Syria all but over, it is likely that Mr Grealish’s comments are factual in relation to the origin of the migrants that would inhabit the Connemara Hotel.

He also went on to describe them as “spongers off the state”.

Deputy Grealish made the statements at a public meeting in Oughterard, Galway after a government minister Seán Kyne, who was also present, was met with jeers and booing from a crowd of around 700 local citizens, the vast majority of whom were opposed to the new direction provision centre.

Local Fianna Fail councillor Seamus Walsh, said

“There are very real fears and concerns about the scale of the project that could be involved here – it could turn into a ghetto. It will hugely detract from Oughterard as a leading tourist centre for the Connemara region,”

In response to the TD’s comments Galway Anti-Racism Network and the usual outrage mob on Twitter have called for Mr Grealish to resign from office.

As has been seen in several other small, rural towns around Ireland such as Lisdoonvarna, Rooskey and Moville the government is intent on carrying out orders from Brussels to see the population replacement agenda through and continue with the migrant plantations regardless of public opposition.

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