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Taoiseach pledges more tax cuts on the way

EU Heads of State Summit, Brussels, Belgium - 24 Mar 2011

In an interview today, Enda Kenny has hinted at another round of tax cuts, and also took the opportunity to reject the notion that such pledge is nothing but a populist stratagem to claw back some of the party’s vanishing support.

He confirmed that the cuts would happen before the spring of 2016, and that he would focus on easing the tax burden for those earning between 30-70K.

Mr. Kenny also added that more than 420,000 are currently outside they Universal Social Charge (USC) net, and pledged that his goal is to increase that figure to 500,000.

When questioned about the state of the health service, at least he gave a truthful answer when he said ‘it’s not acceptable.’

He did add that Minister for Health Leo Varadkar has a ‘clear strategy’ to implement.

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