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Taoiseach ribbon-cutting visit to Tipperary nothing more than ‘PR stunt’, says Mc Grath

Deputy Mc Grath, who is leader of the Rural Independent Group stated:

“I have and will always welcome any new investment in our public health care system. However, today’s visit by the Taoiseach to officially open a new 40-bed modular unit at Tipperary General hospital is all about showboating by Fianna Fáil.”

“Ironically, this is the same party that have consistently downgraded our health services to the current point acute crisis. Rather than holding press conferences at a new opening event, the Taoiseach would serve the public interest better by answering questions in the Dáil on the crisis in our health service and ensuring the sector is adequately funded.”

“Right across Tipperary and other parts of the country, our health service is at the point of collapse; staff are completely under-resourced and facing growing and extreme pressures.”

“For instance, as the Taoiseach embarks on his self-serving PR stunt today, he presides over a healthcare system, where not a single long-stay mental health bed exists in our county.”

“I believe it would be much better for the Taoiseach to spend his time focusing on ensuring his government address the chronic crisis involving our public hospitals, which have the longest waiting lists in the western world.”

“One in five Irish people are now on a hospital waiting list, while our mental health services receive the lowest funding of any EU country, as a percentage of overall health expenditure.”

“These are emergency issues but are not receiving the required attention from Taoiseach Michael Martin. Instead, as we will observe today, he will gloss over these issues and use today’s occasion in an unapologetic manner to garner political advantage.”

“Genuine action and endeavour are needed, and today’s event represents neither action. I will not be attending this event, and will rather be calling on the Taoiseach to use his good office to advance the needs of ordinary citizens instead of cutting ribbons,” concluded Deputy Mc Grath.

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