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The accessories you must own in 2024

No wardrobe is complete without accessories. They add finesse to any look and can even transform a plain ensemble into something much different. If you’re bored of your daily outfits, accessorising is the best way to remain sustainable and don’t go on an impulsive shopping spree. After all, when you add accessories, it can change the whole look. Here too, the trends change pretty often, so if you want to be stylish, you need to be aware of them. However, remember that it’s important not to follow fashion fads mindlessly but instead focus on items you love to create a beautiful collection you can wear for a long time. 


A beautiful bag is a staple that must exist in any wardrobe, but since different occasions call for different styles, you will naturally need more than one. An everyday handbag must be casual, not too large but not too tiny, and should ideally come in a neutral colour that looks good with any outfit. Your bag should be spacious enough to carry the daily necessities like your wallet, personalised pens, hand sanitiser, a pair of earphones and a charger, tissues, moisturiser and some lip balm. 

Tote bags have become more popular in recent years, mainly because you can fit everything in them. Since you want something that lasts, you should invest in something high-quality to ensure you get something durable and resilient. You don’t have to get something from a designer brand to ensure the item is premium quality, though. You can customise yours to fit a particular design you might have in mind. Personalised tote bags come in many different shades and models. Just make sure you don’t forget to bring yours along the next time you go shopping. 

If you want something that feels luxurious and cosy at the same time, look for textured bags. Shearling ones are trendy, although they’re a polarising piece among fashion lovers. Yet, those who love them say there’s nothing as cool as slinging one over your shoulder and going about your day. 

Statement belts 

Some see belts as a necessity, while others consider them a nuisance and uncomfortable. Yet, there’s no denying their appeal. They just have to be won correctly. The latest fashion trend when it comes to belts is to focus on the wide ones that are more akin to waist-cinchers. They look great paired with an oversized blazer, as they create a more tailored shape. A-line dresses and even chunky, supersized knits can benefit from an accent belt. 

If you feel like a piece of clothing is shapeless, you can just accessorise it to make it more wearable instead of throwing it away. Make sure you focus on quality, and get a belt made from premium-quality leather. Even as it ages, it just acquires a patina that makes it sophisticated instead of falling apart and looking shabby like it’s cheaper counterparts. 


The battle between gold and silver is a never-ending debacle, but it seems that silver will be the winner in 2024. If you’re a devoted fan of the former, worry not. You should still wear as much gold as you please. However, if you’re interested in trying something new, you can give silver a chance. You can start with something small, such as earrings or a thin necklace. You can also mix silver and gold in your look. Once considered a fashion faux pas, it is not seen as quite trendy. 

White gold is something of a blend between the two. It is essentially an alloy containing roughly 25% zinc and nickel. Drop earrings remain a popular style this year, as well as chain necklaces that can make even the most basic outfits feel a little edgier. If you’re feeling bold enough and the look suits your style, you can also try layering your necklaces together. 

Baseball caps 

There’s nothing quite like baseball caps. Their enduring appeal comes from their ability to blend in comfort and a certain charming stylishness that looks completely unstructured yet somehow put together at the same time. The difference this year is that the focus is on different textures for baseball caps. Aficionados know that linen is the most suitable alternative for spring and summer, as you want something breathable and airy. However, cashmere or wool will provide more insulation during the colder months. 

In 2024, more textures are becoming available, including corduroy and twill, so you can elevate your outfit with new pieces. Designers are also starting to pay attention to the different head shapes individuals have in order to come up with styles that look flattering on everybody. 


While the tried-and-tested minimalism, with its love for clean lines and neutrals, will remain a staple forever, many people want to add a bit more colour to their wardrobe this year. For those who aren’t ready to take out the oversized scarves in several different shades or wear shirts and trousers with prints featuring a million different colours, there’s a much simpler alternative: sunglasses. In 2024, the trend here is for tints and bold designs. 

Maximalist sunglasses, whether yellow, green or red, can make you feel more confident and stylish, so they’re both a way to protect your eyes and show that you’re fashion-forward. 

Bucket hats 

Bucket hats enjoyed quite a lot of popularity during the late 2010s but then quickly fell into obscurity. In 2024, they’re coming back in style. Similar to sunglasses, they’re not just fashionable but also stylish. Moreover, they’re the epitome of the casual item that looks good on everyone. If you’re not convinced, just give them a try. You’ll see that they can make even the most informal look stand out. 

Trends change constantly, but it’s important to remember that your personal fashion taste matters more. You want your wardrobe to represent your style, not display the latest fads. When you go shopping, make sure to only get the things you know you want. An excellent way to make sure you do this is to wait a bit before you buy something or to save up for a while to be able to afford something exceptional. 


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