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These 3 Things Will Help You Save On Health Insurance

In our busy lives, taking care of one’s health somehow always ends up taking a backseat, making it important to have adequate health support and care systems. While the Irish healthcare system aims to offer the best healthcare to everyone, there will still be times when the costs could be too much to bear, and you would want better, budget-friendly alternatives.

This makes health insurance an important investment as it provides adequate coverage and prevents bills from stressing your finances. However, not every health insurance will offer the same extent of coverage and benefits. This makes it important to study these insurance plans carefully before investing.

Here are a few ways you can save on your health insurance premiums:

  1. Pick your plans based on individual needs:

While it may seem best to opt for an insurance plan for the whole family, there’s a chance it could be costing you more money while providing inadequate coverage. It is best to identify the specific needs of individual family members and determine the type of plan they need.

The family members can get insured on different plans on the same policy. For instance, if someone in your requires GP consultations and check-ups every few months, their plan can be optimised to cover this need. On the other hand, if someone needs to visit the doctor once a year, their plan can cover this aspect conveniently.

  1. Remove benefits you don’t need:

Health insurance usually covers a massive range of benefits, and it is likely that you might not need all of these benefits. For instance, access to a hospital that is located in another part of the country altogether. Additionally, maternity cover is mandatory and cannot be removed from the insurance policy.

In such cases, you can opt for cheaper maternity benefits if it’s not a priority right now. You can similarly compare the range of benefits that health insurance comes with and remove the ones that are not a priority right now, and you can manage without them.

  1. Calculate if you need it:

The major benefit of having private health insurance in Ireland is that it can significantly lower the time spent waiting to get a specialist appointment. You can enjoy a reduction in overall waiting time for procedures and surgeries and gain access to medical treatments that might not be available in the public healthcare system.

Comparing the range of coverage that you are getting in the public healthcare system and private health insurance will help you identify if you really need the insurance right now or if it can wait.

Calculate what costs you will be claiming and the extra costs of the premium. If you are visiting your doctor(s) more than five times a year, getting health insurance can be worth it.

Prioritising healthcare for oneself

Putting yourself and your family first in terms of the type of healthcare they get is something that everyone prioritises. While public healthcare offers access to top-notch healthcare services, there are areas where having private health insurance can help protect against unexpected expenses.

However, it is important to take note of the benefits you will actually use and if investing in health insurance is truly worth it. If you are still uncertain, you can get in touch with Cornmarket to find what works best for you.

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