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The Importance of Activism

Staying Current

It is important to stay plugged in to current world affairs in order to help influence them. The political climate of today is one that is ripe for change. There are so many people out there that can have a positive impact on the world, but many believe that efforts to do so are a waste of time. The result of this belief is that many people choose not to speak out, not to have their voice heard, and then nothing changes.

If you are a political enthusiast, and want to get involved in the processes that help sculpt your nation, activism is an integral part of this process. In the news we often see stories of heroic activism, but how many of us get involved afterwards?

Online Activism

One of the main problems with activism today is that there aren’t enough people who are really willing to get involved. The internet has made online activism especially popular because it requires a lot less effort to be a keyboard warrior and voice your opinion than to go to a rally or organize an awareness event.

While it certainly does help to spread awareness about an issue by posting it online and on social media platforms, sometimes it can turn into social justice warriors simply trying to trump each other and garner the attention of the masses. This is a fine line that needs to be walked carefully. Activism is an essential part of the political process. Politicians do react to public outcry, because they have to. Their job depends on their constituents having faith in them.

That is why while it is great to use what is called, “hashtag activism” and post about issues that concern you online, there is a lot more that you can contribute as well. Hosting a fundraiser or getting active in the community is a great way to supplement online activism and make it more effective.

Essential Contribution

The way our political systems work, it is essential that activists remain active. Every country has problems with corruption, discrimination, and scandal. That is why it is a moral imperative for civil disobedience to occur when the powers that be step out of line. There was once a time when a person was expected to work as long as a company decided, which could be 80 hours a week and more, and there were no regulations to stop it.

Activism is what helped sculpt the 40-hour work week, as well as the overtime pay model. This is a perfect example of why activism is essential to politics.

Out in the Open

One of the best ways for activism to be successful is to get everything out in the open. Activism isn’t done in the shadows. Good activism occurs in the streets, on message boards, it is everywhere.

It is also important to get younger generations involved in activism. The more people realize how influential they are when it comes to political policies, the better rounded our system becomes. As each voice cries out, the system must acknowledge them and serve them until all needs are met.

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