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The poisoned chalice: Various names thrown out as to who’ll take over from Varadkar

Eaten bread is soon forgotten.

So, the topic of Leo Varadkar’s potential successor has taken front stage following the shocking revelation made today that he is quitting his position as Taoiseach and leader of Fine Gael.

Since Varadkar, now 45, declared many years ago that he would retire from politics before turning 50, in a sense, an early retirement was always going to happen, reports RTE.

It’s unfortunate that he announced his resignation as party leader for “personal and political reasons” at this particular time.

The European and local elections on June 7th are just a few weeks away. Additionally, a general election is scheduled for the upcoming year.

A new leader for the Fine Gael party will likely need to be chosen ahead of the party’s Ard Fheis on Saturday, April 6, reports RTE.

Who is most likely to take Leo Varadkar’s place as Fine Gael leader with less than a month to go? Who are the potential runners and riders, and who will desire it?

In the 2017 Fine Gael leadership election, Leo Varadkar defeated Simon Coveney handily, exactly seven years prior.

Varadkar received 59.6% of the electoral college vote, while Mr. Coveney received 40.4%.

At the time, Mr. Varadkar received the votes of fifty-one members of the parliamentary party, while Mr. Coveney only received 22, reports RTE.

Coveney has since declared himself out of the running.

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