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They don’t like him! Harris not invited to GRA conference

According to the Garda Representative Association (GRA), the “breakdown in trust” between Commissioner Drew Harris and the rank and file gardaí is the reason for the association’s decision to not invite him to its annual conference, reports Breaking News.

The decision was made by the association’s Central Executive Committee following a “very honest and forthright debate,” according to GRA President Brendan O’Connor.

The extraordinary action is being taken in the midst of persistent disagreements with Garda members over a number of topics, including a protracted dispute over suggested modifications to working rosters, reports Breaking News.

The internal disciplinary and suspension procedures, as well as other regulations enforced by the Garda leadership, are another source of contention among rank and file gardaí.

In September of last year, a vote of no confidence in Garda Commissioner Harris was taken by over 98% of GRA members.

“This decision simply reflects the breakdown in trust in the relationship between the commissioner and the rank and file members we represent who gave us a unanimous and unambiguous indication of their feelings last September,” Mr Harris said, reports Breaking News.

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