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“They’re all the same”- Mixed reaction to Sinn Fein saying it’s ‘regrettable’ that bills were not paid

Sinn Féin said it was “regrettable” that party bills have not been paid locally.

It follows a report from the Irish Independent this morning that the billboard services used during the 2014 election to promote a number of candidates have not yet been completely shut down.

Social media users are saying that all parties are the same.

Dublin-based printer The Printed Image confirmed to RTÉ News that it had written off the payments as bad debt after €5,304.78 worth of bills went unpaid.

It is understood the company was contacted today by Sinn Féin HQ as the party requested further information on the outstanding invoice, however the party claims this is a matter of local jurisdiction.

During the 2014 election, poster services were offered to candidates in a number of districts.

A party spokesman said the bills Sinn Féin HQ was responsible for had been paid. However, “it is regrettable that local areas did not clear their bills as they should”, reports RTE.

Sinn Féin finance spokesman Pearse Doherty told RTÉ’s Morning Ireland that it was now up to local areas to settle the outstanding balance.

“I’ve already reached out to the finance department in Sinn Féin and have asked them to go back to local areas and to ensure that those bills are paid”, he said, reports RTE.

Last month, Sinn Féin had to update its election expense report to the Public Office Standards Commission after a series of errors were discovered.

The party claimed this was due to an “administrative error that should not have happened”, reports RTE.

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