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Thousands gather to protest against college fees


The Government is deservedly receiving flak from most sectors of society, as its derisive attitude to anything other than their own self-interest is evident at every turn.

Thousands of students gathered today to voice their disgust at the exorbitant college fees currently being enforced in Ireland.

The protest, organised by the Union of Students of Ireland (USI), called for the fees to be funded by the taxpayer.

Speaking at Merrion Sq. in Dublin today, USI’s head Annie Hoey said “Today we are parents, we are students, we are teachers, and we are coming together because we believe that education should be publicly funded.

“We can’t have a Government that stands up in the Dáil and proudly declares to the world that multinationals come here for our educated workforce and then have the God-damn audacity not to invest in that educated workforce.”

“Imagine you were told to pay back any other public service over 30 years- pay your hospital bills over 30 years. How dare they.”

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