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Three jump into river in Westmeath to avoid getting arrested

Gardaí said that three guys from a “organised burglary group” attempted to avoid being arrested yesterday by jumping into a river in County Westmeath, reports RTE.

The gardaí were first notified of a break-in, and after a 35-minute chase, the three males leaped into the River Blackwater.

In a post on their Facebook page, gardaí said: “Our Roads Policing Unit on duty in Westmeath yesterday received a call on radio about 5pm that a home had been broken into in the area, a large amount of jewellery stolen and the gang had just fled by car. Luckily, we had a description and model of the car and in knowing how these burglary gangs operate, we got ahead of them along the route that we knew they would take to get to the motorway to abscond from us,” reports RTE.

“We knew we were on the right course when members of the public began making emergency calls to report dangerous driving through a number of townlands and villages in the county. One passer-by that had seen the car, recounted to our colleague in Command and Control that they all had balaclavas on. We sat and waited for the car to eventually pass us so we could get in pursuit,” the post added, reports RTE.

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