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Toddler “borrows” bike from nursery and tells his granny Amazon delivered it to him

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One clever toddler from Scotland thought he’d borrow a bike from his nursery and when his granny asked him where it came from, he told her Amazon had delivered it for him.

According to the Mirror, Louis Henderson from Edinburgh was going to ask Santy to send him a balance bike for Christmas. But it looks like he wasn’t prepared to wait until December to try one of the bikes out for size.

Louis laid eyes on the bike when his mum Shannon Turnbull and grandmother Tracey Patterson brought him along to a Halloween party at his nursery. Dressed up as Woody from Toy Story, he saw a pink and purple bike outside the nursery and decided there and then that he wanted one just like that for Christmas.

Things were fine until Louis’ grandmother collected him from the party. She got a surprise when Louis came out wheeling the pink and purple bike, insisting that it belonged to him. So his granny popped it into the back of her car but then had to ask Louis some questions about how he managed to get hold of the bike.

Louis was pretty clear about what happened – he told her that Amazon had delivered the bike and that’s why he’d been able to ride it into the nursery that morning. So far so good for Louis, but unfortunately he couldn’t keep things going. According to the Mirror, the wheels started coming off his story when he couldn’t remember what colour the bike was without looking at it. He still insisted that it couldn’t match a bike that was missing from the nursery and according to the Mirror, he just kept eating an apple.

But his grandmother wasn’t convinced and asked his mother whether a bike had arrived for Louis from Amazon. When Louis’ mother Shannon got home that night, Louis had been to his second Halloween party. He said nothing at first but then gave in and admitted he’d just been borrowing it from nursery.

All’s well that ends well for the bike though – Shannon tucked it up safe and sound so it can be brought back to the nursery. And I think we all know what’s going to be number one on Louis’ Santy list!

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