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Sickening: Puppy dies allegedly from fright after hearing firework

Image Source: Sky News/Susan Paterson/Facebook

In a Halloween tragedy, a puppy is said to have to died of fright when she heard fireworks near her home.

According to Sky News, 18-year-old Molly was so frightened of the fireworks couldn’t deal with the noise and sadly lost her life.

The terrier’s owner, Susan Paterson has been left devastated by the tragedy and is said to be still trying to deal with the horror of losing her tiny pet. She took to social media to make other pet owners aware of the dangers of the Halloween season.

Susan is now supporting a petition which is calling for a review of the regulations for fireworks that are currently in place. It seems that many people agree with her as the petition is said to have already been signed by almost 500,000 people.

According to Sky News, Susan wrote on social media:

“Molly may be gone but she will never be forgotten and will live on in our hearts.”

Sadly, this tragedy is not the only one that has happened as a result of the noise of fireworks. According to Sky News, Donna Pilgrim spoke about how her beloved rabbit Archie died when he was terrified by loud bangs coming from fireworks near her home.

Animal rights group the RSPCA is also said to be expressing sympathy for the sad loss of Molly and allegedly issued this statement about the ongoing situation where family pets are suffering terrible fear from fireworks:

“We’re also campaigning for a noise restriction on the maximum level of decibels fireworks can reach and want to see all public fireworks displays licensed and advertising in advance.”

While it tragically is too late for Molly and Archie, their deaths have not have been in vain – the campaign for greater and safer control of fireworks continues.

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