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Top toys of the 1980’s Do you remember these

Earlier we should what the biggest toys were in the 1970’s, now we take a look what was big for boys and girls in the 1980’s.

1. Millennium Falcon/AT-AT

Star Wars fever has recently gripped the world, but back in the 1980’s the Millennium Falcon was on every boy’s wish list for Santa, this toy was the ultimate piece of kit for the Star Wars enthusiast.

2. He-Man Castle Greyskull plays set

This fortress located on the fictional planet Eternia, was the target of numerous attacks by Skeletor, Hordak and the Snake Men, figurines who fought to conquer Eternia and become the titular Masters of the Universe.

3. My Little Pony Dream Castle play set

The Millennium Falcon may have been the boy toy for many, were as My Little Pony’s Dream castle was on every little girls wish list. The dream castle was to best place ever to graze many little ponies.

4. Speak and Spell

This little was the 1980’s iPad, that tought every boy and girl how to spell make them a A+ pupil in school. The speak and spell game featured in many movies such as Big and even Toy Story.

5. Boglins

Who could forget this rubber wonder that could be manipulated to represent many speech and facial expressions. Although the weird plastic smell that lingered on your fingers was the only major drawback.

6. Jem doll

Altough Barbie was Queen of the doll world, little girls couldn’t help but fall in love with her older sister who had flashing earrings. FLASHING EARRINGS.

7. Ghostbusters Fire House

Ah who could forget wanting the infamous home of the Ghostbuster crew to play with on Christmas morning. This toy was great fun for all.. until the slime went on to the carpets and your parents banned you from playing with it properly again.

8. Rainbow Brite doll

Not much to say about her expect she used the power of the rainbow to make many young girls happy.

9. Thundercats Lion-o’s sword

This sword formed many a dual between siblings on Christmas morning, with many children battling for supremacy and become king of the front living room.

10. Glo-worm

This battery-powered device that kept many kids safe at night when they squeezed this little gem it would light up the it’s vinyl head from within, creating a soft glow, which made the dark a lot less daunting.


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