TV3's controversial Mountjoy expose shows the conditions of Ireland's biggest prison

TV3’s controversial Mountjoy expose shows the conditions of Ireland’s biggest prison


TV3 aired a controversial new documentary series last night on Ireland’s biggest prison, aptly called “Mountjoy”.

The four-part series is a fly on the wall documentary depicting what happens behind the closed doors of “the joy”.

Last night saw inmates cleaning toilets, trying to recover from drug addiction, and vicious violent brawls, with one inmate beating another so badly in a makeshift school, that he ended up in hospital.

CCTV footage showed inmates smuggling drugs in and other contraband through over the counter visits from friends and relatives.

Social media reacted to the programme with mixed responses.

One viewer wrote:
“I can hardly believe the conditions inside Mountjoy”

While another said:
“These people are getting out too soon, they’re obviously still dangerous to society”.

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