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Ukrainian migrants coming to Ireland will have to fund their own meals from their social welfare payments

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People fleeing the conflict in Ukraine will be offered “accommodation only”, with the refugees supposed to use welfare payments to cover daily expenses and meals. Those living in hotels will also be charged for meals, under plans approved by Cabinet on Friday.

At the disembodied meeting, it was also decided that the refugees will only be given an offer of suitable accommodation. In case of non-acceptance, a second will not be held.

Ministers were also informed that the Integration Department will make the necessary legislative changes to increase the recognition payment to foster families from €400 to €800 from 1 December. The Department of Social Protection will make arrangements for the new payment to be made as soon as possible after that date.

The Department of Housing will continue to work on the renovation of properties with the local authorities and will launch a communication campaign in search of more vacant properties.

The Justice Department was asked to conduct a study on how EU rules governing the treatment of people fleeing Ukraine are applied across the bloc.

The cabinet also signed reforms to the Irish reception and integration system amid unprecedented pressure to handle record numbers fleeing Ukraine and elsewhere.

The ministers were told that the Justice Department will focus on how the Temporary Protection Directive, which regulates the rights granted to Ukrainians here, is applied in various EU countries.

There is a belief at the highest levels of the Coalition that other countries are providing less support on housing and benefits.

The review, ministers were told, is to ensure that the EU directive’s transposition aligns broadly with other jurisdictions and can equally support housing, income support and related services.

However, Irish government sources also noted that with the state providing less military support, it aims to do more for people fleeing conflict.

A government statement noted that Ireland has taken in up to 56,000 people from Ukraine since February. He said the current package of measures was “designed as a crisis response on a short-term emergency basis,” reports Irish Times.

Among the new measures is a €50 million support program for communities that have hosted significant numbers of refugees.

Ministers also agreed to expand and accelerate plans to renovate buildings and build modular homes to ensure that all available properties, including those with dormitory-style configurations, are used to prevent anyone from being turned away.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s ambassador to Ireland, Larysa Gerasko, told Ukrainians that the Irish government “does not guarantee to provide accommodation for refugees”, reports Irish Times.

“That means that it’s possible that when you arrive at the airport, nobody will provide you with a place to stay. You may end up on the street or airport. Again, please pay attention to that. If the situation gets better we will inform you shortly,” she said in a message posted on the Telegram social media platform, reports Irish Times.

According to The Irish Times, Ms. Gerasko said that there was a housing crisis in Ireland. “Please plan your moving to Ireland carefully so you will not end up in a very uncomfortable situation,” she said.

She also told the Ukrainians that Ireland intends to transfer most of the refugees to host families. “Please, pay attention, that if you refuse the accommodation there will be no further proposals to you. Also, those who live at the hotels will pay for the food which is now provided for free. The price will be reasonable. You receive welfare so you will pay for food from that,” reports The Irish Times.

Speaking in Cork early Friday, Taoiseach Micheál Martin defended Ireland’s record in hosting Ukrainians fleeing war and said despite the challenges, Ireland will do everything in its power to help. those who come to our shores.

Martin said the number of people seeking international protection, unrelated to the conflict in Ukraine, has increased significantly this year.

“[It is] for a variety of reasons and we are doing further analysis on that. I mean the average prior to this year would have been about three and a half thousand. We are now looking at potentially 14,000 in this calendar year seeking international protection. We are doing everything we possibly can in terms of procuring accommodation and a range of measures will be dealt with today by the Government following on the Cabinet subcommittee last week across the broad suite of areas that need to be dealt with. The Department of Housing is already assisting in terms of the reconfiguration of existing buildings — be they public buildings or some in the private sector,” he said according to Irish Times

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