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Vaccine blow for the UK as supplies are to be significantly reduced for a month

The UK Covid-19 vaccination programme has been dealt a major blow as the country will see a significant reduction in supplies over the month of April.

In an announcement made this evening Britain’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced that the NHS has received a letter from the vaccine taskforce stating that vaccine supply will be reduced from March 29th.

It understood that the reduction in supplies will last for approximately first weeks and healthcare service providers have been advised not to administer any first doses to those under the age of 49 unless it is exceptional circumstances.

The reduction in supplies is believed to be attributed to the amount of inbound vaccines into the country.

However Hancock has warned that the reduced supply has nothing to do with the European Commission’s announcement made on Wednesday, which states that they were looking to stop some vaccine exports from European member states.

The commission made the announcement as they have become concerned over the fact that vaccine exports from the European to other countries such as the UK and the USA have been largely unaffected, but the importation of such vaccines from states outside the bloc remains relatively low.

Although the British Health Secretary said the reduction in supply will last around four weeks, he reiterated that the country is expected to reach its target of offering everyone at least a single dose by July.

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