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Varadkar says we need to stamp out “conspiracy theories” and “extreme populism”

He’s said to be very concerned and wants to stamp it out of society. Tánaiste Leo Varadkar has called for a push back against conspiracy theories and “extreme populism” following the disorder in Dublin city at a pro-freedom protest this past Saturday.

The protests devolved into violence after one protestor launched a firework at Gardai promoting a baton charge against the demonstrating citizens. Three Garda and a number of protestors were injured while 13 demonstrators now face charges.

Speaking to Newstalk the Tánaiste said:
“I think there is a responsibility on some of the social media platforms as well to do the exact same.
“But often this stuff isn’t hosted on the major platforms that are household names, there are some fringe ones out there as well that aren’t regulated in Ireland.
“But I do think one thing we need to push back on, all of us, those in the media, those of us in politics, is this whole extreme populism which has very similar characteristics.
“It’s the same concepts, it’s the elite versus the people, the 1% conspiracy theories, it’s emotion over facts, putting forward simple solutions to complex problems, it’s the de-legitimisation of the mainstream media, it’s support for conspiracy theories and it’s tolerance for violent protests in certain circumstances.
“I think we all need to push back on that and unfortunately it appears in mainstream politics a bit as well and it needs to be countered in my view.”

In recent year, the political and media elite have become increasingly nervous and paranoid that the masses are beginning to question their authority and poke holes in the establishment narrative on certain issues, this concern has reached panic levels in recent months as more people question the official narrative and government response to Covid-19.

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