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Elderly couple hold suspected burglar at gunpoint




An elderly couple in Albuquerque stopped a suspected burglar and held him at gunpoint at their home until police arrived.

Aaron Lujage, 26, broke entry to the couple’s garage and began to haul their belongings into his SUV. It is believed that a 70-year-old man approached the suspect after recognising his belongings before asking him to leave. His request was ignored.

The man grabbed a shotgun and his 66-year-old wife held a handgun, holding the suspect in place until the police arrived and took further action.

“As the first officer arrived on scene, he found a 70-year-old man holding a shotgun and a 66-year-old woman holding a handgun on a suspect who was later identified as Aaron Lujan, 26,” said the Albuquerque Police Department.

“As the officer was handcuffing Lujan, he admitted to having just been released from the Metropolitan Detention Centre that very morning.”

The statement added: “The victim recognised several of the items as his belongings and so he confronted Lujan and told him to leave.

“Lujan ignored the elderly victim and continued loading the stolen property into the SUV. The victim then went inside his house, told his wife what was happening and then they both exited their house, armed, and held Lujan at gunpoint until officers arrived.”

The suspect allegedly tried to take power tools, a generator and containers from the garage before he was apprehended by the gun-wielding couple. The couple were described by friends as brave and unlikely to take any hassle from anyone doing wrong.

Lujan has been charged with robbery, receiving/transferring a stolen vehicle, aggravated fleeing from an officer and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon having also been accused of stealing a car at gunpoint.

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