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“Weirdo” pretending to be Keith Duffy on Facebook


Keith Duffy has described the Facebook user who is pretending to be him as a “weirdo”, and has appealed to online users to block and report the social media page.

The posts on the site are often seen to comment about Duffy’s teenage children, Mia (15) and Jay (18).  They have even gone so far as to wish Mia a happy birthday and to talk about the loss of Stephen Gately.

Even more bizarrely, in the past few hours, the user has posted a message addressing the fact that it is a fake page. When another Facebook account holder mentioned how some people are saying that it is a fake account, the user posted “I’ve got two pages currently using this one as people are doubting me”.

Keith Duffy himself is upset at the site, and the posts that talk about his daughter’s autism. He has said that the person running the site should hope that he doesn’t discover their identity.

No doubt this is a disturbing matter for Duffy and his wife Lisa.

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