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“We’re not going away” – Organisers say more massive anti-vax passport protests are planned in the coming weeks

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Organisers of last Saturday’s massive anti-vax protest rally say that they’re going nowhere and if anything, their movement is getting stronger.

Thousands of people attended the rally with chants of “RTE is the virus”, “Martin and Varadkar OUT” and “You can stick your vaccine” were heard throughout Dublin’s city centre.

Now organisers say that more rallies are planned for coming weeks with efforts to get even greater numbers to attend the protests.

“We must stand up for our Nation, our Republic and our God given rights!” Michael Leahy chairman of the Irish Freedom Party declared before a crowd of thousands outside the Dáil on Saturday to rapturous applause.

The mood was jovial yet defiant amongst the many thousands of who marched from the Custom House to Dáil Eireann to voice their opposition to the separation of society and restriction of rights based on an individual’s choice to take an experimental vaccine.

The largest public protest since before the lockdown appears to mark a watershed moment as the Irish people have been markedly docile indifferent in the suspension of their liberties compared to the people of other nations over the past 16 months.

Despite having one of the strictest and longest lasting lockdowns of any country in the world, the Irish people and their elected representatives in both the government and the supposed opposition have not voiced significant resistance to the Orwellian measures.

In recent weeks, with the government and their directors in NPHET seemingly having overplayed their hand with the proposed medical apartheid in the form of a vaccine passport, opposition to these measures has been steadily growing in both the Oireachtas and the streets.

With this trend likely to continue after the success of Saturday’s protests, the question is will government continue down the path of fundamentally altering Irish society to a mimic of that imposed by the Chinese Community Party or will they back down in the face of a defiant people.

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