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What a surprise! RTE unions vote to increase their own pay by 6% over the next two years

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RTÉ union members voted for a 6% pay rise over two years.

In a vote by members of the RTÉ Trade Union Group (TUG), 73% voted in favor of the deal and 27% against.

The TUG consists of SIPTU, the National Union of Journalists (NUJ), Connect and Unite.

Last month, RTÉ and unions agreed on a series of proposals that would see staff increases in January 2023 by 3% retrospectively to 26 December 2022, 1.5% to 30 October 2023 and a further 1% to 30 April .5% is to be increased in 2024.

As part of the agreement, employees will also receive a tax-free voucher of up to €1,000 in early 2023 and another voucher of €500 in January 2024.

Earlier this year unions submitted a request for a 9.5% pay rise for staff, highlighting the fact that RTÉ had not had a pay rise for 16 years.

They said the wage demand was justified given the rising cost of living, increased productivity and the extra effort employees are putting in during the pandemic.

RTÉ’s Industrial Relations Tribunal (IRT) supported the talks leading up to the transaction.

In a joint statement at the time the settlement was finalized, RTÉ and TUG said the settlement aims to strike a fair balance that recognizes wage moderation at RTÉ since 2008 and now the impact of the significantly increased cost of living on RTÉ’s employees and their employees respond families.

The agreement also recognized “RTÉ’s own financial position within a highly disrupted media sector and its obligations to sustain employment, public service programming and its commitments to audiences”, reports RTE.

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