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White House turns down Putin offer to debate Joe Biden

Image source: BBC

The White House has turned down an offer from President Putin to debate Joe Biden, after the later called the Russian leader a “killer” with “no soul” who would pay a price for alleged interference in the US elections.

The White House said that President Biden is “quite busy” and therefore unable to debate President Putin with many on social media pointing out he mismatch between the two world leaders as concerns of Joe Biden’s mental and physical health persist.

However, tensions between the US and Russia are not the only ones reaching new heights just two months in the Biden administration after American and Chinese diplomats openly clashed following their first high level conference since Joe Biden took office.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken cited the US’ “deep concerns with actions by China,” saying that they “threaten the rules based order that maintains global stability.”

The Chinese government rebuked the US concerns accusing the country of suppressing other countries with its “military force and financial hegemony.”

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