March 26, 2017

Enda Kenny opens the door to a possible future coalition with Sinn Fein – saying the party could be set for a long journey ahead

There could be an unexpected coalition Government in the near future as both the Taoiseach Enda Kenny and the Deputy leader of Sinn Fein Mary Lou McDonald have have opened the door to a future partnership.

The news of what seemed an unlikely partnership comes after Mr Kenny said that he believes the Sinn Fein party could be set for a ‘long journey’ ahead.

Mr Kenny made his comments in the wake of Ms McDonald’s previous statement in which she said her party is open to the possibility of becoming a junior coalition partner in the future.

Now surprisingly it seems that Mr Kenny is not completely against the possibility of joining forces with the current opposition party despite previously suggesting they were unfit to be in Government.

The Taoiseach told reporters: “I saw the comment from the Deputy Leader of the Sinn Féin party, so I’m glad to understand that they now begin to realise that in order to get things done you need to be in there so I’m not going to make any further comment on that.”

“Obviously the Sinn Féin party I think have only voted on a European issue once in terms of favour, so maybe it’s the beginning of a long journey for them.”

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